Rolling Pin, French Rolling Pin, Wood Rolling Pin
Rolling Pin, French Rolling Pin, Wood Rolling Pin
Rolling Pin, French Rolling Pin, Wood Rolling Pin
Rolling Pin, French Rolling Pin, Wood Rolling Pin
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Rolling Pin, French Rolling Pin, Wood Rolling Pin

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 French Rolling Pins 

These collectors' quality French-style rolling pins are 100% functional, beautiful and will surely add sparkle to your kitchen. They are made from the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods available, sanded to produce a velvety feel in your hands.

Along with being a stylish addition to anyone's kitchen, these rolling pins make a great wedding or housewarming gift. 

Product Details

The hardwoods used in this collection of pins are hard maple, cherry, walnut, Bubinga, purpleheart, and zebrawood. We use different combinations of woods on the body, but all ends are walnut. The unique ends are tightly joined to the body with an open mortise and tenon joint and then pegged with a walnut peg.

Beautiful but meant to be used, these rolling pins are 1 3/4 to 1 13/16" diameter and come in two different lengths, 19" and 23", offered in Bubinga, walnut, purpleheart or zebrawood on Hard Maple, Walnut on cherry, all having matching ends.

They are finished with food-grade mineral oil, wash with warm water and wipe dry. You can maintain its beauty for years to come with a coat of mineral oil a few times a year. Care instructions and a sanding sponge are included with each rolling pin.


These rolling pins come in two different lengths, 19" and 23". The diameter ranges from 1 3/4" to 1 7/8".

Where This Product Is Made

Our products are original designs by Fine Wine Caddy and are 100% handmade in Berea, Kentucky, USA.

The Story

Every woodworker has made at least one rolling pin in their career. In my first 25 years of woodworking, I made one. It was the large traditional pin with handles on the end. After designing and making a line of kitchen wares for several years, we still did not have a rolling pin to offer. I wasn't interested in making any unless it was different from what was already on the market. Over two years, on several occasions, I sat at the table at night sketching ideas. I either didn't like them, or they looked too much like something already on the market. After two years of trying and two hours at the table one night, I wadded up my sketches and threw them in the trash again. I was closing my laptop when the idea, this design came to me in a flash. I didn't even need to draw it. Within a few days, this style of the rolling pin was born. I had made about a half dozen from different wood combinations. And from this style of pin came our complete line of rolling pins and unique rolling pin holders. The line consists of six different types, including the original, first-ever French American rolling pin. The French American pin is a French pin with handles giving added rolling control.

Happy Dough Rolling

Doug Haley at Fine Wine Caddy



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