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Fine Wine Caddy, LLC - Handcrafted Wood Products

"Craftsmanship goes far beyond the manipulation of one's hands and tools - it's a state of mind that is never satisfied with nothing less than excellence." - Fine Wine Caddy wood artist, Doug Haley.

Our Artistic Craftmanship, Design & Quality Materials

I like designing and making things that are new to the market, things that grabs ones attention at first glance. In the transition from furniture to smaller items, I maintain the same high standards present in the furniture built over the years. I believe that craftsmanship goes far beyond the manipulation of one’s hands and tools– it’s a state of mind that is never satisfied with nothing less than excellence.

In some of my designs, the overall shape speaks the loudest, in others its the wood selection. I love beautiful hardwoods and some of the exotic woods. No two boards ever seem to be the same. When I plane a rough board, exposing the real beauty and characteristics of it, a decision is then made as to which product it best lends itself to. Its almost like it has a voice.

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